Sommelier Italia was born from the idea of ​​enhancing combinations with food. Beer, wine, spirits, mineral waters are examples of how much the liquid support has a precious value on our tables. The great variety of Italian products and the very high quality that distinguishes our food and wine begin to ask for more attention to detail, to the correct combination and the elegant refinement of the service.

Sommelier Italia aims to expand the Italian food and wine culture by offering recipes in combination with the best products of the beverage world.
There will be articles, insights, suggestions but above all proposals from the food world, and can be purchased directly online on our platform.

Products chosen by a group of experts, each in his field, which represent the beauty and joy of healthy and quality eating.
Lunch, dinner, an aperitif or a simple snack become an important and well-kept gesture in our days, both for us who live in the Bel Paese, and for those who visit us and appreciate us for our professionalism, making wine tourism grow , the oleotourism and the gastronomy of the territories.

To do all this, Sommelier Italia also stands out in the training of tasters and experts in the tasting and evaluation of the different food matrices. On our site you will find specialization courses held by qualified technicians and dedicated to professionals in the sector, sommeliers, maître, HoReCa, winemakers or simple enthusiasts.

We love to travel and explore. Each of our holidays begins in a cellar, passes through an oil mill and ends in a brewery to savor the regional gastronomic tradition, creating unique taste experiences, which you can repeat comfortably at home.

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