Direttrice didattica ELSA MENEGOLLI



Celebrations for a milestone birthday full of love and appreciation for Beach and Honey was a festival for all your senses and the guests were left buzzing!



It was a glorious Autumn Day. From the onset the guests were greeted with a friendly smile and led into the massive dining room with window walls overlooking the beach while the tune of A TASTE OF HONEY by THE BEATLES playing in the background set the mood.


The rainbow of foods was a gastronomic feast for their EYES, the SMELL sensations hungered their cravings, the banquet of food, the cheese-towers topped with honeycomb and an array of honeys tantalised the TASTE BUDS. The PAIRING of soft cheese, hard cheese, light soft delicate honey, darker stronger honey, breads, fresh fruits, nuts, cured meats, sweets, champagnes, wines and beers, all the different flavours popping and exploding around in the mouth entertained the lucky guests until each individual palate was perfectly sated. The creamy Gorgonzola blue cheese paired with the light sweet acacia honey and Riesling wine was the crowd pleaser.

The sounds of munching & nibbling, toasting with the clinking of glasses, chatting, laughing, mingling was sheer delight and a notable form of approval of the host’s genius degustation menu. The crowd flowed out through the full-length glass doors to more honeycomb cheese-towers, seafood, champagne and wine. The guests relished in the beachy atmosphere, the blue sky, sunshine, the luxury boats while the dancing pelicans entranced them all making it a magical day to remember.

The event planning was absolutely spot on from the spectacular beachfront venue, to the exquisite smorgasbord of nourishment, the superb wine selection, the harmonious mixed bunch on the guest list and the pelican entertainment was the icing on the cake. There was not a food or brain sensor that was not triggered, the eyes, the nose, the mouth taste buds, the nasal taste buds, the ears enjoyed the music and the guests’ sensorial imagination came to life.


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